Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Yunnoh... the usual!

Everday I wake up
and plunge headlong
into a well of everyday moments
and at times
surface excited
over a nugget I found .

Called up Thels' last evening on my way home from the gym, we screamed the traditional hysterics... and in answer to her 'Howz you, girl?' gave her my patent... simultaneous smile+shrug+shake of head once from right to left+flippant tone saying "Yunnoh... the usual". And then the lady threw me a poser..."So what EES this 'usual'?"

Hmmm...Yeah... What does it mean? Only life in its routine glory. You know... wake up, get ready for office, get breakfast, leave for work, Work, mails, meetings, lunch, more work-mails-meetings, gym/swim/pilates, home, cook dinner, eat it, clear table, do dishes, read/TV/surf/talk about the day with AG, then zzzz... thtz it! My routine day.

The only change in this routine comes through commonplace things... the current project at work, the books am currently reading, the movie I recently watched and yes the blessed weekends. And when I put down my "usual" day in black and white like that, I am wont to exclaim, "How boring!", but then it is not so.

There are some saving graces which rescue my days from falling into the clutches of rut and humdrum. Like a lovely cool evening breeze when I walk home in the evening, a cheerful sunny day, a thrilling line, a great book, a brilliant poem, a call from an old friend, a mail from my sis, some flattering compliment from AG, a lazy weekend spent reading under a shady place and then cycling in the evening, a day at the beach, a good movie, a shopping spree, an evening spent in the city at some over-crowded, over-dressed, noisy place, some breakthrough with a problem at work, an exclamation from a friend I'm meeting after a long time- "My, you have lost so much!!'... countless such seemingly inconsequential, unimportant things.

Yes there is routine in them too, but then is it such a bad thing? Doesn't it bring some comfort, order and assurance with its steadiness? So why then do people in general, fawn over the maverick and hanker after the unpredictable? It is romantic, I confess; but heap on romanticism in the novels and ladle it on a bit sparingly in real life.

Neways routine doesn't mean boring or bland and routine never meant mediocre, though some will have you believe that! The occasional spice is good to have but not so much as to burn my tongue and kill my palate.