Monday, April 11, 2005

The Lotus Eater

A weekend of inaction(on the exercise front and on work front as well) and now inertia is mistress. Having dragged myself to work, I did get through most of my monday morning to-do's but afternoon was a different beast altogether. I had to prop up my eyelids with matchsticks and drink a gallon of expresso.

But at the end of the day I have raised a coupla issues regarding the current project on my plate to the functional chap. Result: Now until they are resolved the halt signal is up on the said project. (grinning wickedly as i write this)

Looking forward to the gym though. Past 5 months have turned me into this weightloss-tips-and-trivia encyclopedia. Having lost 5 kgs (almost 12lbs), I have not stoppped patting myself on the back for it and am now dispensing expert advise to anybody who asks for it (and some who don't but look like they could use it!!) Another 3 kgs off and I hope to be a poster babe for those before and after thingys they put on these weightloss ads which keep popping up ever so often and everywhere. So much so that inspite of watching the idiot box sparingly I am still not able to escape them!

Actually am a 'Discovery Travel and Living' junkie. I can watch that channel endlessly and through numerous re-telecasts! Most buses in Singapore have a TV and if I am lucky, on my way back home I get to watch Jamie Oliver lisping through some exotic dish. But downside is, each morning I am subjected to morning news against my wishes. As a rule I avoid watching news in the morning. Most days I read it online to get my fix of current affairs and trivia. But watching the news on TV is something I could live without. Endless scenes of destruction, civil war, terrorism, murders, ... all of them guaranteed to depress you before the day has even begun.

Call me a Lotus Eater if you wish but I would rather avoid things I do not have the power to influence or control. Daily exposure to the rising tsunami death toll affected me so much, I had begun to have sleepless nights. I would lie awake tortured by visions of 100 foot waves rushing in through our window (We live by the sea). And then one day I felt this tremor as I was working. When I asked my colleague whether he felt it too, he gave me this amused look which made me feel like Chicken Little would have after realising the sky is after all firmly up where it was.

That's when the no-morning-news rule was born. I would rather live behind my rose-tinted glasses than end up as this psychoneurotic chicken-little.

Surely, surely, slumber is more sweet than toil, the shore
Than labour in the deep mid-ocean, wind and wave and oar;
-Alfred Lord Tennyson.