Friday, April 08, 2005


Oh! what a lovely day ... I love Friday's. I bask in them, I smile wider, laugh louder and work lesser ;)

And today the WeatherGod seems to realise it is Friday ... The sky is bluer but not too sunny. After the downpours we have been having, I was afraid the weekend is going to be washed away as well. It might be too early to say this, but I am hopeful of the weather holding up. And if it does AG and I could picnic at Sentosa on Sunday!

Long time since we went there. Sentosa is this island right across from our place. It is a major tourist attraction with lovely beaches, cool beachside bars, cycling/skating tracks. Of course there is more to attract tourists, the Underwater world, Dolphin Lagoon etc... But these touristy things are not what attract us to the island. We go there mainly to sit under the kingsize sheltered benches by the sea and read till it is cooler and then go cycling or sit on the beach.

We go there by moonlight as well, to enjoy the breeze and sea and drink some coffee under the stars on the wooden deck they have there. There is a floating restaurant nearby which plays lovely music that comes wafting to the deck benches. The perfect place to sit in companionable silence and at times reminisce of our courtship days.

Isn't is ironic how we look back on the past and sigh... 'How lovely those days were!'. And forget to say the same of the present. 2 years later I will look back on these very days and sigh longingly...

Well no more of rue... I am going to enjoy TODAY and revel in my good fortune!

And meanwhile I do hope the weather holds!

It is not like I don't like the rain. I love to get drenched. It is a beautiful experience!

These are the things I like to do when it rains:
1) Get drenched
2) Eat an ice-cream while getting drenched
3) Read a book by the window
4) Listen to old tracks
5) Go for a long drive along some countryside
6) Sit by a village pond and watch the fishes
7) Drink strong coffee
8) Eat a hot meal
9) Take a cold shower
10) Dance
11) Sing
12) Laugh
13) Sit by the window and look out and dream (I love it all the more when the mynahs take shelter on the ledge. They scold away as you dream.)
14) Play in the puddles with some kids
15) Go to the beach and watch the choppy sea
16) Eat lots of Pani Puris (Golgappas for the non-bombayites)... spicy enough to have tears rolling down my cheek but sweet enough to leave a nice aftertaste.

There!!... after listing all that out... I don't mind so much if it rains. I am just going to enjoy the weekend no matter what!!