Sunday, April 10, 2005

Saturday Night Fun

Watched 'Sahara' on Friday... the premier show at 11:15! Disappointing movie... though I got my VFM feasting my eyes on the hunky Matthew McConaughey, But methought the whole story was more suited to be a cartoon-strip for children... all the unbelievable stuff that kept happening!

Neways prior to the movie AG and I had thrown our diet sensibilities to the wind and gorged on some great Indian food. So inspite of the movie our friday was not wasted!

Saturday morning was spent in house-hunting! We are planning to move soon... and the search has just begun. But our requirement specifications are a bit too elaborate so am keeping my fingers crossed! I do love to house-hunt though. Our agent has this lovely Alfa Romeo and we went around in it looking at all kinds of houses. But each one seemed to have some issue with it which made it unsuitable. One was too small, another was boxed in between other tall buildings, so the view was ruined, a third was nice, good layout, big enough but had atrocious bathrooms... terrible color scheme, the fourth was too close to a construction site and had the signs of another construction work starting on the other side of it. Hopefully Clifford (our agent) will come up with something better next Saturday.

In the evening we met Karthik for dinner at this brilliant Mexican place called Cafe Iguana at Clark Quay which has a great view of the river, fabulous ambience (y'day there were a dozen girls celebrating a hen's party... so all of them in shocking pink or blue retro wigs and the would-be bride in a huge lacy veil... all drunk and boisterous :) , good food and the best part ... these people brew their own beer!!!

After dinner we moved on to tcc to have some coffee, and then walked to Esplanade. On the way we stopped to watch the reverse bungy in action... which first catapults some very brave (or very stupid) people to a height of 60 metres and then simply drops them down... it subjects you to this not once (like the conventional bungee) but a number of times trying its very best to persuade you to give up ghost midway or at least rain some questionable liquid down on the sadists below who gather to watch you go through this ordeal and smirk at your plight!

But today has been rather quiet. My plans of going to Sentosa have not materialized. It being too humid and too warm to be suitable for picnicking.

Sunday is almost over... and monday blues have already started to set in! Am off to wallow in some self-pity. Ciao...