Saturday, April 16, 2005

Twenty-Six years

All these years
where have you been...
living in a hut on the hill?
growing in a pot on the windowsill?

Twenty-six years
and nothing to show for it!
no fame, no name, no memories,
no high, no sky, no glories

Twenty-six years
and where have you been
no footsteps to show
and no kingdom to go

Where did you send
those dreams you had borne...
How did u slay?
or did u cast them away?

Huge Dreams, Starry Eyes
Rainbow Gold and Big Dough
Did u let them die?
Feed them slow poison or a lie?

When you look back
you have no clue
where those years went.
Wasted, in vain, spent.

You see them lain behind
"Come back", You cry "you are mine"
"C'est la vie", they say
then they shrug and go away.