Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Hello World

My very first blog and have spend an entire morning (at work ;) coming up with a title for this post and a gripping opening line. The best I could do was the quintessential "Hello World" . And this from someone who has always prided on being a writer yet to be discovered! And you don't even want to know the opening lines my mind kept throwing at me.

But then look at the brighter side (depends on whose side you are, I guess)...
finally ... have arrived!
after reading countless blogs written by the whole world and his dog and each of these times being inspired to start one of my own (though i wonder why anyone would want to read it!!) ... this time i have really done it !

but the blogworld is full of a gazillion bloggers and megazillion blogs which even their own creators write and then forget. have oftentimes wondered why the popularity and influx?!

i do hope though that unlike all other pet projects of mine, this one too doesn't lose its grip on me. We'll see...