Monday, June 06, 2005

Kudos to you, Mr.Waterson

Well... we all have fun and then we grow up...

Thankfully I never grew out of C&H. Bill Waterson elevated the humble cartoon strips into an artform with Calvin & Hobbes. With C&H it has been a case of love at 1st sight or should I say love at 1st strip!!??

Here is the 1st C&H strip which appeared on November 18, 1985:

This is my fav strip with Susie Derkins in it:

This is Moe the class bully, who shaves btw (at six!!):

My fav strip featuring Calvin's dad:

And herez how his dad gets even:

And this one featuring his Mom:

And this is how his Mom handles him:

I love the snowman art series. Here are some of them:

Calvin is quite the inventor. He invented the Transmogrifier and also the Duplicator to duplicate himself and get his chores done. But then his duplicates were are bad as him and he got into worse trouble. So he came up with this brilliant idea of the Ethicator, sadly for Calvin, it brought along its own brand of problems:

And how can one forget Calvinball, Calvin's answer to Baseball, where you make the rules as you go along and the only consistent rule is, you can't use the same rule twice!!. Oh! and the G.R.O.S.S (Get Rid of Slimy Girls) club, which Calvin started to irk Susie. These are my favs in the GROSS series

Calvin hates school but he does make it very interesting for his classmates and hellish for his teacher Miss.Wormwood, eventually ending up in the Principal's office on most days:

And like all 6 year olds he loves Dinosaurs:

He has splendid imagination and creates imaginary characters such as Safari Al, Captain Napalm, Spaceman Spiff, Stupendous Man, Tracer Bullet... all played by Calvin:

Herez one which all you guys will identify with:

And herez the reason why I (still) identify with Calvin:

And the last C&H strip which appeared on December 31, 1995:

To top it all here are some random favs: