Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Me and Myself

In the bus today I caught a lady staring at me in a rather odd way. She looked ready to jump out of the moving bus if I so much as moved to scratch myself. And then it hit me... I had been talking to myself. Well that's hardly anything new. But today I had committed the blunder of letting my lips move visibly and of nodding and shaking my head to something I was reasoning out! How stupid is that now!! Anyways I saved the situation by giving her my 'MYOB' smile and staring her down.

Well... I talk to myself. Can't remember when I cultivated this habit but for years now I have talked to myself and me... you see there are 2 of us. And I am NOT schizophrenic! Just that the 2 girls (thank god both of me are girls, can't imagine what wud happen otherwise! and what if one of me was a duck?!!) that are in me are different. One is a an aggressive pusher... she admonishes, yells, swears, cusses, orders around and the other is a dreamer, quiet, thinker, pushover.

When I was younger I used to have a whole horde of imaginary friends and pets. My favorite was an elephant called Jimbo. As a kid I used to pester my mom to buy us a pet elephant. I would assure her that she wudn't eat much and anyways mom can feed her my breakfast. (how noble!... additionally I also hated the yucky boiled egg and milk breakfast which was forced down my throat... very healthy for an elephant no doubt!). She stubbornly refused. I sulked, pleaded, threw tantrums, threw stones, wailed, charmed... but no avail. So thatz when I secretly got Jimbo. There were also Chetak, the horse that could run as fast as the wind and Brutus, the loyal German Shepherd. Over the years they have all left for Neverland. And now its only 'us'.

And together we are a good team. We joke, bitch, confer, plot, dream, plan, laugh, cackle, argue, debate...

Btw herez our fav quote...
'I used to be schizophrenic
But now both of us are fine'