Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Long Weekends?? No thank you!

Another long weekend. Have had a succession of long weekends and have been undecided on whether I like them or not. Well now I know... I don't! I would like them only if they were a rule not an exception.

Had a good time nevertheless. Saturday... more house-hunting. AG and I are getting more and more warmed up to the idea of not moving! Gorged on the Indian buffet at the Tiffin Room in the lovely Raffles Hotel for lunch. They have a great selection of Desserts. Tried all of them ;) and diet sensibilities be damned!!! Evening, went to Kent Ridge Park for a walk. But the rains followed us there. So we got on a bus to Esplanade. Spent some time there and then walked to Boat Quay. Sat at the steps watching the river, talking (i.e. me talked, AG, as usual, pretended to listen). Some rich man's kid was getting married and the whole area around the Asian Civilizations Museum was lit up. They even had a beautiful fireworks display to the tune of an orchestra!!! Flagged a cab to China Square and ate at this new place called Mumbai Makan. The owners are Maharashtrians and the wife is chief chef so the food is authentic. They have good Vada Pav and are planning to introduce Misal Pav and 'Bombay style Falooda'

Sunday... spent the day at Sentosa at the Coastes Beach bar. It is a cool place to hangout. Lotsa swimsuit clad people, taking in the sun and music, also good cocktails and decent food. Tried their chicken curry... was surprisingly good!

Monday... Brunched at Oscar's at Anchorpoint. Great pineapple chicken fried rice at the Viet-Thai stall. Went across the road to Ikea and spent a coupla hours there. Shopped a bit too. Evening... had tickets to Star Wars Episode III but didn't feel like going so ditched it and wott else... shopped! Dined at Mumbai Makan again. This time we hogged... Dahi Bataata Sev Puri, Sabudana Wada, 'Indian Chinese' Hakka Noodles, Pani Puri and Pav Bhaji. Finally my search for good Pav Bhaji in Singapore is complete!!

Got back home and watched Angela's Ashes. The movie is good and Robert Carlyle as Malachy Sr and Emily Watson as Angela are convincing. But the book is a must read before you take to the movie.

All that brings me to today. And the less said about it the better.