Monday, May 16, 2005

Weekend Log

Ami was here on a 2 day visit on her way to LA. Reached Friday morning and left Sunday morning. So I was on sick leave on Friday (wink wink!!). After fetching Ami from the airport and breakfasting with her, went straight to the doc and confused him with a dozen symptoms. Actually started with a humble nightly headache and sleeplessness complaint but he looked unconvinced (mebbe it was my guilty conscience) so then added weakness, nausea and threw in giddiness for good measure. Also showed him some bumps which had fortuitously developed under my chin. By then the poor guy looked tortured and just tossed me a medical certificate and some medicines!

Back home, my symptoms magically vanished and Ami and I went sightseeing. We started with taking the MRT to City Hall for which we needed to change at Dhoby Ghaut. I had warned her of my legendary abilities to get lost and also to not get off at the right stop so she was not too surprised when Little India came by and I started with ... 'This is Little India and this is where we get off when we need to go to Mustafa... and oh!! oh!! we need to get off now' And off I rushed in the most Phoebe-esque manner, tagging her along before the spiteful doors slid close on us. Had to take the next train back to Dhoby Ghaut! Anyways after all that hard work and chatter we were hungry and stopped at Raffles' 'Out of the Pan' to feast on Iced Tea and Crepes stuffed with Tandoori Chicken ... yummm! Then in typical girls' day out fashion we devoted the next few hours to window shopping at Suntec and Orchard Road stopping only for some Affogato at Haagen Dazs and for breath! We also poked around at Esplanade and I gave her a tour of the Library at Esplanade. At 5:30 in the evening our feet were crying for mercy and our legs were on the verge of mutiny, our stomachs were growling loud enough for the shoppers around to hear and look at us quizzically. We stopped for refeuling at Shaw House food court. Ami went for some Pasta and I chose Kadhi, Dal, Chole with Rice and Naan. By this time it was twilight (don't you love that word) and we flagged a cab to the Merlion. Spend the evening taking in the sights at the Merlion and the CBD area. Walked down to Boat Quay and flirted with the old boatmen there, also took the customary boat ride on the Singapore River. Had planned to dine at Clark Quay but after the boat ride we had barely enuff energy to get us back home.

Saturday early afternoon we planned a trip to Sentosa. Started with lunch at the local food court at Harborfront Centre, introduced Ami to some local food, drinks and dessert. Got into the cable car to Sentosa. At Sentosa took in all the touristy sights... Carlsberg tower, Fort Siloso, Underwater World and Dolphin Lagoon. Unwinded at the Coastes bar and then took cable car to Mount Faber. Mount Faber does afford one, the best view in Singapore, especially in the evening. You can get up there and feel Lord of all you survey.

That was it, 2 days had gone whizzing by and Sunday morning it was time for Ami to leave on her 18 hour flight to LA. She had opened up a bottle of lovely, old memories of the days when we were flatmates, of days of fun and reading Harry Potter together, gossiping into the night, giggling over nothing, cooking together, fighting common enemies together, breakfasting in the Infy foodcourt and then meeting for late afternoon tea, spending lazy weekends and solving the Hindu cryptic crossword. During the 2 days she spend here, we had talked non-stop and laughed a lot, gossiped, caught up on news and now that she has left, am missing her terribly :(