Thursday, April 28, 2005

On Bharatiya Sanskriti

Last week a teenaged girl was raped by a policeman in Mumbai. And following this the Shiv Sena(SS) mouthpiece Samna printed a highly intellectual and research based article on the main provocation of rape and how to avoid it.

According to this true proponent and guardian of 'Baratiya Sanskriti'(B.S) Indian women are aping the West by wearing revealing clothes, and it's these titillating outfits worn by these shameless women that are transforming the good hearted and staunch practisionists of the very same B.S from Dr Jekyls to Mr.Hydes and leading them into attacking the women. It is of course no fault of theirs and by raping the shameless hussies they are only following the BS that they revere so much.

At fault also are parents, guardians, teachers and all such people who are in a position to advise the girls and women against their sinful behavior and teach them the to follow the true dictates of B.S but fail to do so. The women of India have been misled into believing that since India is a democratic country, they can live as they wish to. This is unforgivable. They should be taught to go back to those dark ages when according to the SS, BS was practised in its true form and women still went around in respectable purdahs and performed their true kartavya of taking care of the house, bearing children and if the husband dies prior to them, then doing the sati. That according to SS's research would be the true karma of a woman.

But we Indians seem to have forgotten that. We now allow our girls to be educated and this fills them with the false feeling that they are equal to men. We allow our girls the choice to decide for themselves. We allow our women to dress, behave, live, perform equal to the men. And this is where we are committing our biggest atrocity against Indian culture. The men raping our women are doing nothing wrong. They are not going against our great BS. They are not to blame. Like poor lambs led to slaughter, we shameless women are destroying the will of these innocent men and leading them to rape us by wearing our hipster jeans and low cut tops. It is we who have forgotten our culture and our true identity.

But all is not lost yet (phew!). It is reassuring to note that the whole nation is not yet in the grip of this moral corruption and there are among us a few enlightened Indian women and men who are true to the BS preached by the Sena, inspite of any education they might have received! These wise souls have grasped what the BS truly stands for and have recognised the truth in what the SS has published.

They alone know what part of their body the nuns, shut in their convent in Central India, were exhibiting which issued the come-hither signal to their rapists. And they alone can comprehend what flesh it is that the thousands of women, everywhere in India, dressed in saris and salwar kurtas are flashing to deserve the rape they are put through.

Would these wise souls and the SS please come forward and take charge of our moralities. And fellow indians who are going against BS please extend all your support and blind obedience to these enlightened souls who will lead us away from our path of westernized decadence and teach us what it means to be a true Bharatiya.