Friday, May 06, 2005

'Tis a small world after all

Haven't we all been struck time and again by how small the world really is? And what with all the large scale global migrations happening the world has really become one giant, bustling melting pot of a city where you never know when you will turn a corner and bump into a friend you haven't seen for the last 10 years or more.

Had one of those phone calls which go on for hours and yet when you glance at your watch, you are taken by surprise at the amount of time that has gone by! NCM called and we got talking of ships, submarines and saucepans... and in the course of some flippant howdys, 'ping-pongish' banters and some serious stuff, he let slip a name... supposedly a friend of his whom he met at this organization where he volunteers. And this friend is from the some place in Bombay. But considering how big Bombay is and how not-so-small Mulund is, the probability of me knowing this friend was miniscule to say the least. So when he said 'Sapna' methought, well... that is the most common Indian name after Pooja and right next to Shweta. Then he said 'she is an architect'. That rang a bell which said 'Khakaria'. Bang on... he said it too... Well we knew the same girl!! What are the odds to that really?!!

And come to think of it... this sort of thing happens with eerie regularity and am sure must have happened to all of us and more than once.

Small world, coincidence... wottever it is I love it when it happens. Makes you wonder at the randomness and the vastness of the world and its amazing ability to take you by such surprise.